Interactive content marketing delivers a new way to generate leads. Email address box can be implemented into the list of questions. It’s something bigger than leads acquisition. Prospects give marketers self-declared data and allow to improve leads nurturing.

Follow a few rules to create engaging interactive content and generate leads through youengage. Set up an account or log in to your existing account to create your own quiz simultaneously when reading this tutorial – it will help you understand all possibilities of this tool.

1. Choose the name and select the most suitable form for your interactive content

2. Add questions one by one. You can use 4 types: multiple-choice, picture choice, ratings, and forms. Make sure that your quiz, calculator, poll or survey will be entertaining and addictive enough. Question types should be adjusted to your audience and a topic.

3. Before you start with creating interactive content do a little research. Take into account the way your audience uses the internet, social media, and online games. It helps you with making tailored forms and lets you decide how many questions will be enough. You have to sustain audience engagement. Not to make them tired and bored.

4. When selecting questions to ask, think about how to use audience answers. Interactive content allows youengage users to build deepen leads profiles. Self-declared data grabbed through quizzes or polls let you understand your prospects in a new way.

5. To generate leads, place the email leaving box into the list of questions. We would recommend adding it after all questions – when the viewer is engaged – and just before thank you or outcome page.

6. Choose forms when selecting question type. It allows you to ask the audience about their email addresses.

7. You are able to choose preferred contact info from the list: email, phone, URL, text, long text. Do not forget to label the contact field. When asking for the email you can add “Please leave your email here” or something adjusted to your audience.

8. Remember to promise your audience an extra value for joining your email list.

9. Take advantage of Engageform integrations with marketing platforms ( for example HubSpot or using Zapier to connect to +1500 other apps ). Configure your account. Allows leads and data from interactive content to be automatically transferred to your marketing software. See below how it works when using HubSpot.

Lead generation through interactive content is easy and gives marketers a new way of business development. Furthermore, data acquired during the process can be efficiently seized to nurturing leads.

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