What is a Webhook?

In general terms, a Webhook is simply a notification sent over the web, which is triggered automatically whenever a specific event occurs.

In this case, the event is a new project submission. Whenever a new responses from your project comes in, a notification containing the response data is immediately sent to your chosen destination — the Webhook URL which you set in the configuration panel.

Webhook notifications are sent via HTTP POST request, and the request body (containing the response data) is in JSON format.

Webhooks are an advanced feature intended for users who know how to handle them. Please note that we cannot troubleshoot your code or give step-by-step development instructions!

How to setup a webhook on your project?

If you need to make a test URL – to collect test submissions – you can do this at https://requestbin.com or https://webhook.site/

Open the project on which you want to set the webhook, and go to Configure->Webhook section

Enter an Endpoint URL. (This is where we will make HTTP POST requests to) and activate your webhook by clicking on the toggle button. When the webhook status change to "On" then all your responses from this project will be sent to webhook endpoint URL

To test your webhook payload simply fill up your form as a normal user.

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