With our calculator type of project and its formula builder, you can create an interactive calculator, which can be easily embedded into your website in minutes.

To start click on "Add new Project" and choose Calculator type.

When you add your project now it's time to add questions, you have the option to use 11 types of questions from wich you can gather values for your calculation and additional data ( like contact info )

Let's look at the main options of the most popular type of questions that you will use in calculators.


Using this type you can put a slider scale that you can easily configure. There is an option to put minimal nad max. value, you can define start value and define steps in the scale.

Also, you can define the additional text on chosen value indicator and change the color of the slider and highlight color

Multiple choice

You can use this type to put custom-defined parameters in your calculator each option has a value representation that will be used in the calculation.

Picture choice

This kind of type is often used in order forms to calculate the price with graphic representation.

Form type

Based on the form type of question you can create for example contact info screen you can either put one input per screen or use "Add another input" to have more than one field per screen.

Add Formula

After you create questions in the calculator it's time to create the Result Screen/Thank you screen when you present your calculation. Add Thank you screen and click the "Add formula" button that you can find in the right panel.

This will open Formula Builder when you can put your formula.

You can create a formula based on values from questions using the "Q" variable, for example, "Q1" for the first question from the list. You can also click on the desired question on the left side of the screen to put the question variable into the formula

You are able to use various operators like "+", "-", "*", "/", to create complex formulas. You can also use the bracket "(" and ")" to control the order of the operations. There is also an option for other match functions and IF statements. Here you can find list of all math operators in formula builder.

After you create your formula you can test your calculator.

The final calculation will be placed on top of thank you page with the text "Your score is $Result$"

$Result$ is a special variable with the result of the calculation and you can use this variable in the Result section or in the Title and Description field on each result screen.

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