After you log in to our tool you will see two main components Projects and Events.


Using projects you create standalone interactive experiences like quizzes, survey calculators, and polls that you can share using a link or use one of our embed codes.

You can create your project from scratch or use our template library.

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Live events allow engaging your audience using live polls, quizzes, and Q&A both in person and in virtual meetings. So when you run your live event and change question in our admin console all participants will see the same question and can vote for an answer and you can present results in real-time.

Each event has two links with views, audience view that you use for participants that can vote using mobile phones, tablets, or laptops, and presentation view that you use to show live results during your live event.

Additionally, you can embed your live video into youengage audience view. In that scenario, participants can ask questions and vote in polls right next to your live video in one tab.

As your participants can view both video and interactive audience view in one place, you as a host need to share just one link with them.

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